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Why Choose National General Auto Insurance?

Plenty of reasons. Smarts for one. Experience for another. 
Our SmartDiscounts® and SmartServices®  are designed to give you flexibility and exceptional services, like guaranteed collision repairs made at any of our Gold Medal Repair Shops and delivery of a rental car to wherever a mishap may find you.1 And we take pride in offering world-class customer care, especially when handling your claims. 
Part of the National General Insurance advantage is our experience – nearly 70 years insuring cars. If any company understands how important your car is to you, it’s National General Insurance. We know that your vehicle is the key to your freedom and meeting your responsibilities. 
Our job? To get you back on the road as quickly and easily as possible in the event of an accident or loss. 
The advantages you enjoy with National General Insurance include:

And here's another great reason to choose National General Insurance for auto insurance. Customers who switch to National General Insurance save an average of $442 per year. Get a free rate quote now  by clicking the link above and see how much you can save. 

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